Remember Me? (2007)

Audiovisual Installation with Noël Dernesch at Artrepco Gallery in Zurich.

Music generated by an algorithm inspired by synchronizing fireflies.

Remember me? oscillates between illusion and truth, projection and reality. It raises questions about identity, about our “vision” and our history.

Stopped by a security gate at the entrance of the exhibition, the visitors’ heads are filmed and scanned by eight cameras from different perspectives. By overlaying these varied faces and angles, edited and transferred via computer to the exhibition room, three-dimensional, constantly changing portraits are created. The visitors, thus, lend the gallery its collective looks.

Just like the images, the surrounding sound creates an atmosphere of variable tension. Fragments of ambience noise seem to pause in time, to expand infinitely. They accompany the rhythmically shifting, suspenseful motion sequences and fast-paced head movements. All of a sudden, the commotion may cool down and an almost contemplative atmosphere is spread.

The interwoven people, perspectives, lights and colors assume surreal, sometimes phantasmal traits and cubistic forms. The faces seem foreign and familiar at the same time. A known feature emerges from the alien heads momentarily just to be out of sight gain. Like human memories that change and recompose every day, the installation “Remember me?” reconstructs images and experiences.