Synchronicity (Thailand)

Robin Meier & Andre Gwerder: Synchronicity (Thailand), 2015
Digital Video (4k/2k), Stereo Soundtrack. 43 minutes – Edition of 5
Produced by Audemars Piguet Art Commission, Le Brassus
Director of Photography: Nikolai Zheludovich; Editing: Mariko Montpetit
Special thanks to Anchana Thancharoen and her team at Kasetsart University, Bangkok

In a mangrove forest in Thailand live fireflies (Pteroptyx malaccae) synchronise their flashes with computer controlled LED’s. By establishing a light-based form of communication with the insects, the artists influence the rhythmic flashing of large colonies of fireflies. A silent orchestra harmonises without the need for a conductor. With no central control, computers and insects interact in this rhythmic composition of light.

private viewing on request

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