Synchronicity (Thailand) in Pittsburgh

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Synchronicity (Thailand) with André Gwerder on display at Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh PA from April 22 – June 19 2016. Group show “All around us” curated by Ali Momeni.

Synchronicity was produced by the Audemars Piguet Art Commission 2015 and supported by Pro Helvetia for the exhibition Pittsburgh

Synchronicity (Thailand) is a video documentation of an experiment where live fireflies are made synchronise their flashes to computer controlled LED’s. Throughout the video the artists explore the relationship between mathematical models of this complex group behaviour and their biological reality in the field. By influencing living fireflies with computer controlled lights they question the idea of free will and simultaneously transform a machine into a living actor inside a colony of insects.

For the opening of the exhibition, Robin Meier & Ali Momeni present a musical performance on the theme of synchrony vs synchronicity. Guided by two naturally synchronising pendulums they join the rhythmic chorus of the fireflies and LED’s

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