Truce at SIGGRAPH Asia, Yokohama

After four crazy days going back and forth between Yokohama and Tokyo SIGGRAPH Asia came to a successful end. Some japanese bloggers wrote about the event. You can check out a selection of entries here (Kanta Horiohere, and here.

SIGGRAPH kindly translated the description of Truce into english (here), japanese, spanish, french and russian .

(unfortunately they didn’t get the credits right: it should be Robin Meier and Ali Momeni).

Make sure you also check out the works of my friends and colleagues Alvaro Cassinelli, Daito Manabe, Rita Sa, Camille Scherrer, Jamie Allen and all the other artists at SIGGRAPH.

For me it’s on to new (recording) adventures in Sri Lanka and India now!

Japan declares Truce: